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Meet Doug!

Doug brings over 25 years of experience in mortgage lending to the closing table as well as his reputation for personalized service, integrity, and keeping your best interest in mind.

Doug is committed to building long lasting relationships. He knows that you don’t buy or re-finance your property very often. You can expect an open discussion about the goals you need to achieve and become educated on what to expect in the process, industry terminology, and available options that may make sense for you. He keeps himself updated on all the changes constantly affecting homeowners and lenders.

Doug will do his best to keep things simple and provide explanations you can understand. His goal is to have a satisfied customer and no surprises at closing.

Doug enjoys spending his spare time with his wife, Carol and his two adult children, Daniel and Emily. His strong sense of commitment carries over to his faith in Christ, family, and community, where he is involved in teaching and mentoring men. He also enjoys fishing, golfing, boating, and encouraging his children as they navigate through life.

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